Fast Metabolism: Starting Today

“Discover how to get a fast metabolism and lose unwanted weight. The ‘how’ is a formula so scientific it can be duplicated in almost any individual who’s willing to make certain changes in the way they live. Getting a fast metabolism is clearly detailed in this article.”

I want to share some information about why this website is your resource to help you start getting a fast metabolism.

My university studies in nutrition have been both a blessing and a bane. Those years of schooling taught me much about the process of nourishing the human body. However, I also discovered that the more formal education one has on “good nutrition,” the less one actually knows about how to help people reach their health and fitness goals.

The problem, of course, is the considerable time lag between academic discovery and meaningful application. By the time things get studied by scientists, then categorized and studied again, written about in textbooks, and delivered to the universities to be studied by the next generation, the information is already out of date!

In all this there is a blessing, however. The science of nutrition and exercise—and the way they both affect the human body—changes almost as rapidly as the computer industry. (For the reader who is not familiar with the computer industry, it practically doubles every year.)

What Does All This Mean?

It means that the most up-to-date individuals in the field of nutrition and fitness are not necessarily the most highly “schooled.” Rather, the real experts are the ones who are in the field, testing each of the new theories, reading books, going to seminars, listening to tapes, and experimenting with all that seems viable. They then adopt the most valuable aspects of each theory or approach. And discard the rubbish that inevitably finds its way in. And that’s what I’ve done here. The information on this website is a culmination of over fifteen years of research, trial and error, and experimentation. It contains the techniques that guarantee great results. Every time you properly use these techniques, they will lead to great results.

There are really only three ways to proceed in choosing a nutrition and fitness regimen:

  • Spend years reading, learning, and doing your own experiments (way too time consuming for most folks)
  • Follow the crowd (not very wise, since the crowd is what keeps getting fatter and less healthy each year)
  • Follow proven paths that have been developed from years of practical experiments

We have specifically created this website for the benefit of those who choose the third option.

Creating The Guide To Fast Metabolism

I’ve spent years studying people who have successfully mastered the way to fast metabolism. I wanted to know what set them apart from the rest and exactly how they were so successful. While their neighbors failed to obtain comparable results, regardless of how hard they seemed to diet and exercise.

I was driven by the notion that millions of people would benefit from this information if it could be distilled into a practical, easy-to-follow guide that systematized the secrets for success. When I use the term ‘secrets’, I simply mean the tactics that only the few successful people were regularly using. These are the same tactics that the unsuccessful people seem to consistently skip over. Since no one else had stepped forward and done this, I decided to put all my expertise down on paper. And to finally share the truth about how to instantly stimulate your metabolism.

The system that follows represents the fruits of these many years of research and testing. It’s the culmination of a long-term, multidisciplinary research project to create an easy-to-understand, personal guide to mastering your way to a fast metabolism. My goal of this website is to help you master yours.

The World Has Been Waiting

As you might expect, many desperate clients try going to health and exercise programs. These clients are desperate to gain the upper hand on their metabolism. So they can lose unwanted pounds and regain their youthful figures.

Many of these men and women have unfortunately fallen into the whirlwind of diets, gadgets, and weight-loss theories that invariably promise far more than they deliver. They’re victims of the false marketing and ridiculous claims of the diet and exercise industries that have been brainwashing us for years.

They’ve tried to lose weight with every plan imaginable.

  • They’ve read books, listened to tapes, even joined groups to help achieve weight loss and fast metabolism.
  • Perhaps once or twice in their dieting lives, they’ve caught a fleeting glimpse of their ideal weight.
  • But they’ve never achieved their ideal on a sustained basis.
  • Within a few months or a year, their weight has invariably zoomed right back to a disappointingly high level.

These are the overweight men and women who are regularly beating a path to the doors of health clubs, mine included, only to find that their goal of quick weight loss is as elusive as the calorie-free hot-fudge malt. The difference between what other clubs do and what my health clubs have done (and what you’ll learn about in the articles on this website) is that we take a whole-body approach to health. We help our clients master their fast metabolism by using a systematic process. And we have laid out that systematic process in detail throughout this site.

My Search For The Answer To Fast Metabolism

It was the desperate longing for an effective weight-loss regimen on the part of all these fitness seekers that inspired me in the late 1980s to launch my search for the perfect metabolic enhancers. At that time, early clinical research was making important new discoveries. Those discoveries hinted that metabolic rate is not the intractable biological enemy of the overweight. In other words, researchers found that genetics do not necessarily predetermine one’s metabolism. Rather, metabolism is an aspect of one’s physiology that is amenable to dramatic change. Indeed, it can take a relatively short period of time to feel a change in one’s metabolism.

The secret that was unfolding, ever so slowly, was that introducing certain dietary nutrients into the body at key times during the day—into the body of a person with the proper physical and mental training, that is—can (and does!) induce the metabolic rate to rise, thereby literally turning the human body into a fat-burning furnace with a voracious appetite for melting unwanted fat.

In other words, if you know how to do it, you can boost your metabolism and lose unwanted weight. And the ‘how’ turns out to be a formula. The formula is so scientific that it could be duplicated in almost any individual who’s willing to make certain changes in the way they live.

The Fast Metabolism Formula

It’s that formula that I was striving to come up with, and through years of research I found it! I discovered that the secret to losing weight is not to be found merely in trying new diets or new weight-loss programs. Only when you change your metabolism will you finally vanquish your enemy and free yourself from the dieting roller coaster.

It’s difficult to create a program that everyone could use. After all, we’re all different and our metabolisms ebb and flow at different rates. Moreover, I wanted a program that was all encompassing. The program would include every factor that could have a profound, healthful effect on a person’s metabolism.

To achieve that goal, I traced all the elements of the successful programs that were out there. And then I tossed out all the fluff. Then an amazing thing happened. Once only a few elements remained on the drawing board, it finally all made sense. I realized that the “active ingredients” of various individual approaches were capable of working in concert to boost human metabolism, almost forcing a slow metabolism to rise—indeed, to far surpass its normal level.

That discovery is the main reason why I have made education the cornerstone of the mission and operational strategy of each of the companies I have established.

I believe that once people . . .

  • learn how to develop their health, their fitness, and their metabolism,
  • and once they invest in themselves
  • and experience the amazing rewards,

. . . all the requisite ingredients for achieving success in life—motivation, confidence, and enthusiasm—will just naturally follow.

Start Your Journey To Ultimate Health

In all of my businesses, my staff and I strive to make continuing education an easy, inspiring part of every client’s experience with us. If you haven’t subscribed to one of my health and fitness newsletters, I urge you to do that, too. I believe it will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition. Be sure to keep back issues of the newsletters on hand. And make them part of your health and fitness library. Even if you read only a little at a time, you’ll soon know more than most people ever will about what really makes our bodies work.

I hope you enjoy the fast metabolism diet and health information throughout this site as much as I enjoy writing it for you. >> Next Page (How To Lose Weight Fast)

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