“This 7 day weight loss plan puts it all together from the diet to the fitness aspect. It’s laid out in an easy-to-follow format as detailed here.”

At last, you have all the pieces of the metabolic puzzle. Put them together and you’ve got a powerful weight loss plan to boost your metabolism to sizzling levels and elevate your health, fitness, and general well-being to an all-time high.

Still, reading this material will do nothing unless you put it to work in your life. That’s why I’ve created this important weight loss plan for you to take action on.

  • It will help you crystallize your thinking about what I’ve tried to teach you throughout these articles.
  • And then help you to immediately apply that knowledge in your everyday life.
  • Finally, it will give you specific exercises that will instantly put you on the path to success.

Each day is a new day, and each day you have the same basic choices. The way you handle those choices will determine whether or not you are successful. If you follow the rules and guidelines in this weight loss plan, you will develop a certain “momentum of success,” and without a doubt you will achieve your health and fitness goals.

In this weight loss plan, I’ve laid out activities or exercises for you to do in a 7 day format. Each day that you successfully follow the outline presented here, you’ll get closer to your goal.

One note of caution: don’t move on to the next day’s program until you’ve completed the current day’s activities. Even more importantly, complete the current day’s activities in full on the current day; don’t postpone any of them. Make the commitment to become a person of action, starting right now!

In all my years of training and developing people, I’ve found that the majority of failures happen at this point. You might think that’s a depressing—almost de-motivating—way to start this weight loss plan, but let’s look at it another way:

  • Pain and pleasure drives everyone. My job right now is to show you both.
    • The pain is that this is the point where most failures occur.
    • The pleasure, on the other hand, is that this is the point where all successful people excel and run to the finish line.
  • This is where it all happens. And it’s not only quite exciting but also pretty damned motivating if you’re truly dedicated!

Maximize Your Emotions

Not a moment goes by in life without emotions, and those emotions have specific effects on our health. Today, day one, we’ll take control of our health by taking control of our emotions.

Day One Of Weight Loss Plan.

In the first day of our weeklong action-taking weight loss plan, I want you to focus entirely on your emotional health. All you’ll have to do is study the emotions that you normally experience. And then focus on wiping out the negative ones and boosting the positive ones.

You can help this process along by repeating an affirmation such as the following:

I am so happy weighing _____ pounds. I eat only healthful foods and drink lots of plain, fresh water. People comment about how great I look, and that makes me feel energized.

Emotions, you’ll recall, are the key to our hormonal responses. So when you repeat your affirmation, be sure to get excited about it.

When we feel depressed, our hormones, glands, and related systems unite to keep us in a depressed state. On the other hand, a heightened enthusiasm for life does just the opposite, and that’s why it’s absolutely essential to the process of raising our metabolism.

A big part of achieving metabolic success is that of managing your own emotions. You can take active steps to turn all of your feelings into assets that will enhance your health, especially your metabolism.

One of the best-kept secrets as to how you can master your emotions is the use of visualization. The more clearly you can visualize yourself acting out and looking like that “person” you describe in your affirmations, the more excited you’ll become.

Whenever you repeat your affirmations, make a point of seeing yourself happy, weighing your goal weight and dressed in clothing that you think will flatter your physique. Most importantly, be sure to visualize other people remarking on how great you look and congratulating you on your new body, and then experience how good that feels.

Here’s an extremely important point:

You are in charge of every emotion you have this day (and night).

We all have exactly the same amount of time in each day, more or less the same obstacles to face each day, and practically the same set of mental capabilities for overcoming those obstacles and helping us make good use of our time.

What makes a person great is how much control they exert over their emotions. In other words, no one can control your emotions but you. If someone cuts you off on the highway, how do you react?

You’re in control of your reaction. And that reaction causes a whole chain of events to take place within your body that will have a significant effect on the functioning of your metabolism. If you curse and get mad, then your body will internalize this emotion and react accordingly. If you simply make adjustments in your driving, become more aware of your surroundings, and refrain from getting angry, then your metabolism, hormones, glands, and all the other systems in your body will have a greater capacity to function at peak level.

The upshot of all this is that getting our metabolism to function at its best is a direct result of how well we control our emotions.

I’ll guarantee you that the healthiest people in the world realize this fact. And, regardless of whether they think about it actively or simply have it tucked away in their subconscious mind, they are living in a harmonious way and are in control of how they react to situations. They never allow a situation or another person to dictate their responses to the particular hand of cards that life deals out to them on any given day.

Our three-pronged approach

You may recall that in the article on emotions it was noted that emotional management can be made easier by a simple, three-pronged approach:

  • a program of physical fitness
  • effective time management
  • and self-image development

And keep in mind that it’s rather difficult to maintain a negative emotion when your actions are positive.

In fact, one of today’s greatest discoveries is the fact that the human mind cannot entertain a negative thought at the same time that it’s focused on a thought that’s positive. The two just cannot coexist. It’s up to you to choose what thoughts you will allow yourself to focus on, each and every minute of each and every day.

Today’s assignment

  1. Keep a journal with you all day long as you go through this weight loss plan.
    • In it, list every type of emotional experience you have. Next to each emotion you list, keep track of how long that emotion lasts and how many times you experience it in the course of the day.
  2. Answer the following questions in your journal:
    • What does your perfect body look like?
    • How does it feel to be in the best shape you’ve ever been in (in your entire life)?
  3. List what you will give up in return for achieving your goals.
  4. What is your goal date, the date on which you intend to have achieved your ideal body?
  5. Prepare, in writing, a detailed and carefully designed plan of action for achieving the body that you envision for yourself. Be sure your plan of action is both specific and achievable.
  6. In a single paragraph, summarize the answers to all the questions given above.
    • Make sure your summary is positive and expressed in the present tense. Get excited as you write it out. Remember: by following what I say, you will achieve the results you’re aiming for.
  7. Read your summary out loud ten or more times in an excited, passionate, obsessive state of mind.

Your mind is the key to all your emotions and the key to achieving all your goals. Keeping your mind in a positive state is vital to achieving anything worthwhile in life, like this weight loss plan.

It’s Time To Go On A Cleanse

Nothing that’s great can be built on a weak foundation. Building a strong health and fitness foundation starts with first cleaning out your digestive system.

Day Two Of Weight Loss Plan.

In the article on cleansing, I began the process of renovating your metabolic system by describing how you should thoroughly cleanse your digestive tract.

Everyone needs to move their bowels at least twice a day, but your goal is to have as many bowel movements as the number of meals you eat in a day’s time. If you eat three meals a day, you should have three bowel movements a day. Eating six times per day (large or small meals) means six movements per day. Note: Don’t force a bowel movement. I’ll go over some techniques down below in “Today’s Assignment” (for Day Two) to get your bowels working.

I realize that having frequent bowel movements is far from our society’s norms and may seem strange, but not if you consider what the typical American lifestyle consists of: eating fast food, getting all stressed out, sleeping poorly, and getting little or no exercise. Thankfully, neither you nor I—nor anyone else who follows the weight loss plan presented in this website—still leads this sort of life.

Here’s the scoop on bowel activity:

  • The vast majority of Americans move their bowels only a few times a week.

That being the case, where does all that built-up waste matter go? Well, it doesn’t go anywhere! It remains tightly compacted in your bowels . . .

  • normally in the sigmoid colon,
  • sometimes in what is called the cecum,
  • and sometimes in little sacs called diverticuli that are formed to hold solid waste products that accumulate.

That’s right, all that gunk remains stored in your bowels until you finally clean it out. That is, unless your body functions properly and your bowels regularly move after every meal. (Ideally, a bowel movement will take place within sixty minutes after a meal.)

When this waste matter is allowed to remain in your system, health problems are imminent.

  • Your bowels are forced to expand to store it,
  • and your engorged bowels press against other internal organs in turn,

. . . thereby causing further health problems.

  • This solid waste matter builds up in the form of layers. And these layers virtually “glue” themselves to the walls of your digestive tract.
  • The longer the waste is allowed to remain there, the more clogged the system becomes.
  • In addition, this coating of dead material will slowly encrust the walls of your colon.

The problem is, for the rest of our lives we will be ingesting considerable amounts of environmental and digestive toxins (chemicals in our food, pollutants in the air, an occasional soft drink, toxins in our water supply, etc.) that we must regularly eliminate from our bodies. Unless we properly excrete this stuff, not only will our metabolic system suffer, but the overall state of our health will decline.

By doing a thorough cleansing of your system, you will . . .

  • enable your metabolism and your digestive system to make full use of the nutrients available in the foods you eat,
  • so that you’ll get more power from fewer calories.

And therein lies the secret to weight loss. However, before you can benefit from a cleanse, you must get your bowels working.

Here are a few simple techniques you can use to accomplish this. These are techniques that you’ll be responsible for performing on day two of your weight loss plan.

The solution to buildup of solid waste

I strongly recommend that you cleanse your entire digestive tract on a weekly basis—or every other week at the very least. I showed you exactly how to do that in that article, Body Cleanse For Maximum Metabolism. It goes over scraping away at the built-up matter and eventually flushing all of it away, thereby allowing your system to function as efficiently as possible. That process is very healthful. And it provides a great source of live enzymes and perfectly combined nutrients for your body and mind.

Right now, I want you to decide how often you’re going to go through that cleansing process. Will you cleanse your system once a week? Every two weeks? Every Sunday? Only once in a blue moon? Be specific in your planning, and be sure to write it down or it won’t get done.

Today’s assignment

    1. Water.

      • In an earlier article, we discussed the importance of consuming no less than one cup of water per day for every fourteen pounds of body weight. Figure out how much water for a person of your weight. And then find a nice-looking container that holds at least that much. Commit to filling that container with water each morning and then drinking the contents throughout the day, each and every day.
      • Start drinking that much water today. More is better! In fact, you should consume a few extra glasses of water on days when you’re going through the cleansing process.
    2. A glass of lemon water.

      • Start the day (today) by mixing the juice of one lemon with a glass of plain, fresh (preferably distilled) water.
      • Consume this at least ten to thirty minutes before you consume anything else.
    3. Vegetable juice.

      • Once the requisite time has elapsed, you may consume any vegetable juice, just as long as you juice it yourself.
      • Don’t use any fruit juices because they have too much sugar.
    1. Broth.

      • You may wish to make a broth by placing some fresh, organic vegetables in distilled water and cooking them over low heat, until the vegetables are soft.
    2. Vegetables and fruits.

      • Consume no fewer than three servings of fresh, raw, high-fiber vegetables (preferably organic) throughout the day, and have two or more servings of high-fiber fruits such as apples or figs as well.
      • The better the vegetables, the better the cleanse. Everyone has his or her favorites. List yours in your journal. But first, I want you to do some research on the health benefits of various vegetables. Find out which vegetables help certain ailments and which ones work best together. Get yourself one of the many good books that are available on vegetable juicing.
    3. Cayenne.

      What are the benefits of cayenne pepper? Cayenne helps to strengthen the blood and the internal organs, improves blood flow, and stimulates all the systems of the body, from the brain to the digestive system.

      • We want to stimulate our colon muscles to evacuate any built-up matter that it may be harboring. To do this, we’re going to use cayenne.
      • Today’s goal will be to consume 1/4 teaspoonful of fresh cayenne powder in a bit of water or juice. And repeat this every day. Once you get used to that serving size, gradually increase the amount to one full teaspoonful per day.
      • Cayenne will stimulate and help strengthen your bowels, cleaning them out and making them strong again.
  • Just a note of caution about cayenne: cayenne is spicy hot, so you should notice a hot, tingling sensation when you consume it. But it’s very good for your health—so much so that you shouldn’t go for even a single day without drinking the prescribed cayenne solution. And try to avoid using the cayenne capsules found in health-food stores instead of the fresh cayenne powder. We want this very healthful herb to actually touch every inch of our digestive tract, stimulating the walls of our intestines as it moves through our system.

Lighting Your Metabolic Fire

The focus of this weight loss plan has been threefold: to rev up your metabolic rate, to increase your fitness level, and to improve your physical and mental health. It’s now time to ignite the fire by improving your food choices.

Day Three Of Weight Loss Plan.

On this day, day three, you’re going to start the food program part of your weight loss plan. As promised, I’ve included an example of what your diet could look like. Obviously, every person is different. Since it’s impossible for me to sit across from you and create a diet that’s specific to your individual body, this is about the best I can do.

Throughout this website, I’ve tried to educate you and change your way of thinking about food. Hopefully, you can make appropriate alterations to the example diet and adapt it to your particular needs. If I’ve successfully impart to you a general sense of what works and what doesn’t, you should have enough information to determine the basic changes that you need to make. Now don’t get me wrong. You will probably be somewhat confused—everyone is at first. Nevertheless, if you use the example diet I’ve provided, along with the techniques outlined in this text, I promise that you’ll do fine.

Add the following eating program to the success you’ve already enjoyed on days one and two of this weight loss plan, and you’ll be well on your way to making a tremendous shift in your metabolism, your appearance, and your destiny.

How we designed this example diet

We’ve designed the example diet for a woman who weighs approximately 150 pounds and wishes to attain a much leaner, healthier, more vibrant body.

If you weigh more than 150 pounds or are male, you will need to increase your intake of protein and vegetables.

  • Women should consume an additional 50 calories for every 5 pounds of weight over 150.
  • Men should add 500 calories (mainly from protein and vegetable sources) to the baseline calorie count, plus another 200 calories for every 25 pounds of weight over 175.

The baseline for phase one, diet #1 is 1868 calories. So a man who weighs 225 pounds at the start of this program would consume about 2768 calories on diet #1:

Weight Loss Plan - Man At 225 Pounds

A woman who weighs 175 at the start of the program would consume about 2118 calories on diet #1:

Weight Loss Plan - Woman 175 pounds

Phase one

  • Phase one of the dieting program is to be followed for (tentatively) a period of sixty to ninety days; it consists of 3 separate diets, each of which will draw you closer to your goal in its own way.

Phase two

  • Phase two is a maintenance diet, one that will help you maintain your new, hard-earned physique.

Once you graduate from phase one to phase two, be sure to follow diet #2 (as laid out in this weight loss plan) for two days each week; on the remaining five days of the week, you should make a point of eating generally healthy food.

Weight Loss Plan, Diet #1

Although the diets we’re talking about here were designed to be followed for longer than thirty days, your results will be dramatic—and will be realized in thirty days or less!—if you follow the entire weight loss plan put forth in this website. Remember, the diet itself is merely one piece of the overall success puzzle.

This dieting program was developed through use of an in-depth health history and an in-office consultation with each of my clients, with the intention of providing them with the nutrients needed to . . .

  • burn any subcutaneous fat deposits,
  • increase lean muscle strength (not size),
  • increase energy level,
  • and improve the digestive system.

To help clients achieve the desired results as quickly as possible, the three phase-one diets were used in conjunction with the example exercise program that’s presented later in part 2 of this weight loss plan.

Two-day, three-day, two-day pattern

  • Diet #1 for a period of two days,
  • then Diet #2 for the next three days,
  • and finally Diet #3 for the last two days of a seven-day cycle,
  • at which point you repeat the entire cycle.

Alternating your diets like this is a powerful way to increase your metabolism. The two-day, three-day, two-day pattern presented in this weight loss plan is designed to fully stimulate your metabolism, to maximum efficiency.

If you feel as though you’re burning too much fat too fast, however, you can use the following pattern instead:

  • diet #1 for the first two days,
  • then diet #2 for the next two days,
  • and finally diet #3 for the last three days of a seven-day cycle,
  • at which point you repeat this entire cycle.

This cycling of nutrients and calories enables the metabolism to attain its peak fat-burning level.

One word of caution: water intake during a program like this cannot be allowed to fall below one gallon per day.

Diet #1 was designed to help strip fat and water from the area between the muscle and the skin.

Diet #2 is intended to deplete your muscles of both glycogen and water. Following this diet for three consecutive days will . . .

  • increase the rate at which your metabolism burns fat and
  • decrease the sensitivity of your muscle cells to water

. . . thereby causing them to release any stored water. Because of the lack of carbohydrates (in particular, sugars) consumed on these days, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Tendency to be more temperamental than usual
  • Slightly greater-than-usual weight loss (due to loss of water)
  • Increase in perspiration
  • Craving for sweets
  • Increase in urination

Please know that these are normal “withdrawal symptoms”. They may occur as a result of the small quantity of sugar you’re consuming.

As stated earlier, this program was specifically designed to rid your body of such harmful things as sugar, toxins, and excess fat deposits. During the period when these undesirable substances are being eliminated (which usually occurs during the first fourteen days), you may consume a small piece of fruit (to deal with the effects of withdrawal from sugar) if you begin to feel lethargic or slightly dizzy.

Weight Loss Plan, Diet #2


Weight Loss Plan, Diet #3

Diet notes

  • If you are hungry or feel the need for additional food . . .

    • You may increase your consumption of the protein sources (chicken, turkey, egg whites, tuna, and fish) at any of the meals for phase one during the first two weeks. But by day 15 you must be 100 percent on target with your food consumption.
  • Meat and fish:

    • Either sliced or ground turkey (the 98% fat-free variety) may be substituted for chicken if you use it in the same quantity. Both chicken and turkey should be measured after cooking.
      • 6 oz. of meat is about the same size as two decks of playing cards.
    • While on this diet, you can consume any type of fish other than carp, herring, mackerel, mullet, salmon, sardines, squid, and tuna steak. These fish are higher in fat, and tend to slow the increase of metabolism in some people.
  • Diet terms:

    • For purposes of this diet, the term grilled meat refers to any very lean red or white meat (beef, pork, turkey, or chicken).
      • As long as you’re on this weight loss plan, be sure that before you consume any type of meat, you remove all the skin and visible fat prior to cooking.
    • The term mixed salad refers to any combination of raw, non-starchy vegetables. (One that’s devoid of starchy vegetables such as potatoes, avocados, and beans).
  • Food substitutions:

    • You may substitute a pure protein drink in place of chicken/turkey or eggs, provided you make the substitution according to the following formula:
      • Two scoops of protein powder mixed in water is equivalent to either three egg whites or 3 oz. of chicken or turkey. Be sure NOT to make this substitution at more than one meal on any given day.
      • For purposes of this website: a pure protein drink contains at least 40 grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbohydrates in each serving.
    • You may substitute fish or sushi/sashimi for tuna or chicken in this phase:
      • 3 oz. of sushi is equivalent to 3 oz. of chicken or 1/2 of a 6-oz. can of tuna.
    • You may substitute a medium, plain baked potato for 1/2 cup of rice. If you make this substitution, be sure to remove the skin from the potato prior to eating it.
  • Certain ingredients to measure:

    • Measure rice prior to cooking.
    • Measure vegetable quantities after cooking.
  • Candy?

    • Candy that is both sugar free and sodium free may be eaten periodically throughout the day.
  • Bagels, English muffins and rice cakes?

    • For the first two weeks of the program, bagels, English muffins, and rice cakes are interchangeable. But only as long as you substitute one of them for another according to the following formula:
      • Two rice cakes is equivalent to either one medium bagel or one whole English muffin. You should be aware of the possibility that this substitution will slightly slow your weight loss.
  • When preparing your meals . . .

    • Avoid using any butter, margarine, oil, mayonnaise, prepared sauces, or salt.
      • In place of these items, you may substitute in any herb or herbal product you wish. Just no salt or fat!
    • And for the first two weeks ONLY, you may use fat-free salad dressing, fat-free butter (*promise*), or fat-free mayonnaise. But there is a limit of one tablespoon per meal (total) for these three ingredients.
      • If you do opt to use these additional ingredients, you should know the possibility that they will slow your progress. The reason you can use them in the beginning is that they’ll add some taste to an otherwise bland diet.
  • More bathroom visits?

    • You may experience an increase in urination and/or defecation during this phase of the program. This is due, in part, to the delicate cleansing effect that this particular combination of foods has on your digestive system, and in part to an increase in your metabolic rate.
    • At some point during the first two weeks of this phase, you may experience a slight increase in intestinal gas. This is normal; it’s caused by the elimination of previously built-up matter within your system. The release of this matter is a mandatory step toward a fully functioning digestive system.

Today’s assignment

    1. Spend time making slight modifications to the 3 example diets given above for phase one. If you wish, show them to your physician or your health-care professional. And then start.
      • You can also ask your physician to recommend a dietary supplement for you to take in addition to these diets.
    2. That’s it. You have enough on your plate for today. Just keep to the diets. Make some notes in your journal. And commit to following this new way of eating for at least the next sixty to ninety days.


Don’t go any further unless you’ve completed every part of each of the previous assignments. This is not a race. It’s a training process for your metabolism, and you must undertake it in a systematic way. Each day:

  • do your exercises in full,
  • make notes in your personal journal,
  • and continue implementing and improving that day’s exercises for a period of thirty days (or as otherwise indicated).

As you get to each of the upcoming days (days four through seven), add that new day’s activities to your ongoing exercises from all the days prior to it.

Once you’re ready, go onto the 2nd part of this weight loss plan. >> Next Page (2nd part of Weight Loss Plan)

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