“There are principles you need to know so you know how to lose weight fast! —Without pain, without guilt, and, most importantly, without backsliding. Every factor that affects your particular metabolism will become stronger and help boost your metabolic rate after checking out this article.”

We all have dreams of what we want to look like if we knew how to lose weight fast. We all want to believe deep down in our souls that we will look and feel great every day. And we want people to compliment us on our looks and our physique. And even have others approach us for advice on health issues. For many of us, however, those dreams have largely taken second place to our day-to-day frustrations, to the extent that we no longer even make an effort to realize our dreams.

Before we go any further, I want to congratulate you. Because by starting to read these series of articles you have chosen to join the ranks of that top 10 percent of the population that will truly create their own physical destiny, rather than allowing their destiny to be determined by their current physical structure.

As you read these health articles during the next few days or weeks, you will grow and learn more than you could ever imagine. Just open your mind on how to lose weight fast. Forget everything you once thought to be set in stone, and enjoy the results.

Health Balance = Weight Loss

Knowing how to achieve a state of true balance among the various parts of your body is the only way to embark on a health- and metabolism-enhancing diet. You need to know which areas inside your complex digestive system are working at optimum performance and which ones need rejuvenation.

  • Picture a table with only one leg. Even if you take the corner that’s opposite that leg and lean it against a wall to get it to stand up, how likely is it to remain standing when you begin to place objects on top of it? Not likely at all.
  • Now if that same table had two legs, it would probably last a bit longer.
  • Three legs, even longer yet. And if the table had all four legs, I bet you could pile a bunch of stuff on top of it without disturbing the table’s balance.

The same is true of your digestive and metabolic system.

  • If there are any unbalanced hormonal, glandular, or nutrient reservoirs, a diet will produce results that are, at best, temporary and insignificant.
  • Yet if you could remedy these imbalances as part of a dieting regimen, the results would not only be more healthful but also much more dramatic.

The most powerful aspect of these articles is that they hold the secrets to finally attaining balance within your body. But only if you combine all the techniques you encounter in them. As you make your way through these articles on how to lose weight fast, take your time and thoroughly read and implement the steps given in each article before going on to the next.

You will likely be surprised by the changes your body will make along the way. Implementing the weight loss tips in these articles will become an adventure for you.

The Cardinal Rule Of Losing Weight

Everyone knows how to lose weight fast and stay thin. All you have to do is burn more calories than you consume, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple, but there is a very scientific way of handling this challenge that virtually guarantees results for everyone who follows the same formula. And that formula is what this series of articles is all about. By the time you have made your way through it and implemented all the steps that are set forth along the way, you will have Maximized Your Metabolism.

The basis of weight loss has never really changed: consume fewer calories and, at the same time, try to burn additional calories by moving your body to a greater degree than you were accustomed to moving it in the past. Unfortunately, the ability of humans to master this approach hasn’t changed a whole lot, despite years of trying.

The Result?

Millions of Americans are locked in an endless struggle to control their weight and master their health. And they just can’t seem to figure out how to lose weight fast. The trouble is that lurking behind the simplicity of the cardinal rule of weight loss is a problem of far greater difficulty. You may have heard it verbalized like this:

“I just can’t seem to lose weight predictably.”
“I think I’ve screwed up my metabolism.”

“Professional” dieters, defined here as people who have dieted so many times they can’t count them all, resoundingly report that repeated dieting causes major roadblocks to their efforts to lose weight and stay thin.

Study after study has shown that the “yo-yo” dieting effect that we in America seem to be caught up in is very taxing to the correct functioning of our metabolism. Hence, our metabolic rate becomes slower and slower with each weight-loss–weight-gain cycle.

But that’s not the only reason why our metabolisms may be a bit sluggish.

Why Does Metabolism Slow Down?

The strength, or the “speed,” of our metabolism is usually determined by several factors, such as past dieting, age, low activity level, lack of proper physical activity, and lack of proper meal placement during the day.

  • Past dieting, especially attempts at rapid weight loss
  • Age
    • As a matter of fact, your metabolism begins to slow in early adulthood, at a rate of 2 percent per decade.
  • Activity level
    • Less active people generally have a slower metabolism.
  • Lack of proper physical activity
    • Certain exercises tend to increase a person’s metabolism while others have only a slight effect on it. By making small but appropriate changes to your current level of activity, you could boost your metabolism massively (more on this in a future article on exercise).
  • Lack of proper meal placement during the day — every day
    • One notion about weight loss that’s prevalent in this country is that people can lose weight by skipping breakfast. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, eating a healthful breakfast actually turns up our fat-burning furnace (our metabolism) and gives us far more mental and physical energy for the first half of the day. If you want to take a quick look, here’s a full description of how and when to eat for best results.

Your Past Dieting Attempts

Now let’s get back to your past dieting attempts. Look at the results and note the undesirable changes that seem to occur the more times you’ve dieted. By better than a two-to-one margin over less-frequent dieters, “professional” dieters have found that:

  • Weight-loss strategies that used to be effective for them are showing far fewer results now
  • Gaining weight has become easier
  • Losing weight has become harder
  • Dieting plateaus have become more frequent
  • Weight loss is becoming increasingly hopeless

The cause of all of these common complaints is the slowing of your metabolism.

Now Is The Time!

Well, now is the time to put an end to that. Now is the time to take control of your metabolism—and your life. Now is the time to master your metabolism. Know how to lose weight fast by following the course laid out in these articles. But keep this in mind . . .

Throughout these articles, you will read action steps that will increase your metabolic rate and improve your health. Skipping one or more of these health articles may stop the process in its tracks.

Very few people are aware of their own “weak link,” the reason that their particular metabolism is not working at peak efficiency. Everyone who has attempted to lose weight through dieting has created one or more personal “weak links”. And these weak links are the reason why other weight-loss programs fail to get you the results you want.

We have designed the articles on this website to maximize your metabolism while minimizing each of your weak links. Every factor that affects your particular metabolism will become stronger and help boost your metabolic rate. If you find that you’re tempted to skip over multiple articles, may I suggest that the techniques outlined in those articles are probably the ones that your particular body needs the most.

New Understanding On How To Lose Weight Fast

Remember, you’re seeking a new level of understanding on how to lose weight fast, and at the same time you’re training your metabolism to function at its optimum level.

Many overweight men and women find that trying to control their metabolic rate is nothing short of a hellish nightmare. And that’s why they’ve never experienced sustained weight loss.

One recent national survey showed, for example, that 66 percent of Americans were overweight. Translated into absolute numbers, this means that at least 90 million adults take in more calories than they burn up.

Another review, this one called the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, showed that the number of overweight Americans increased by 8 percent between 1976 and 1988. And I’m willing to bet that the number has continued to increase in the years since 1988.

More Bad News…

The sad thing is that not only are the overweight becoming more numerous, they’re also getting fatter. Despite the fact that there are more “weight-loss” products, creams, pills, and potions on the market today than ever before.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, American men now weigh on average 9 pounds more than in 1960. And American women weigh nearly 13 pounds more, on average, than their counterparts a generation ago.

How could this be possible? After all, in the past, people didn’t know half of what they know today about proper diet and exercise! Well, let’s look at one example. Back in the 1960s there was a state-of-the-art exercise machine that I like to call the Fat Vibrator. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a machine that had a large belt that a “fitness expert” would wrap around your waist. When the expert turned on the machine, the belt would “vibrate” the weight right off of your body. Well, this sounds funny to us now, but back then people really believed that it would help them lose weight. And there are versions of that machine still on the market today!

Yes, people are getting fatter. And, as a nation, we seem powerless to reverse this trend, despite our best attempts to do so. But the worst is almost surely yet to come:

  • Though only about one in four Americans are obese, fully 80 percent of men and 70 percent of women over the age of forty are more than 10 pounds overweight.

If you’re in your twenties or thirties now and are having difficulty losing weight, you can imagine how hard it will be for you to slim down in another ten or twenty years.

The information in this website can end all that!

The Beginning To A Leaner And Healthier YOU

I don’t profess to have uncovered, discovered, or developed anything new on how to lose weight fast. I’ve simply spent more than a decade of my life studying various health-enhancing techniques, exercise regimens, nutritional programs, and more.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been so passionate about finding answers to the questions we’ve all had about how to increase our body’s ability to burn fat, get in shape, and stay healthy that at one point I was reading two books a week, attending seminars, and studying the effects of various weight-loss techniques by downloading information about them to my clients, who willingly took all this information and put it into practice for me.

The result is a proven set of strategies that will help you become leaner and healthier. These articles give you the principles you need so you know how to lose weight fast!—without pain, without guilt, and, most importantly, without backsliding. The weight you lose will never, ever return, provided you make the modifications in your health and fitness regimen that are laid out in this website.

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