“The missing link to quick weight loss is knowing how to maximize your metabolism effectively. When you raise your metabolic rate, your metabolic system takes command of their dietary fat intake and uses that fuel for power rather than for building up stores of fat. Read this article on how to lose unwanted weight.”

For over fifteen years now, I’ve been teaching men and women how to increase their metabolism for quick weight loss. So they can transform into a more fit and healthier version of themselves.

Why Is Losing Weight Hard?

Incorrect dieting techniques, ineffective pills and weight loss scams have misled people away from the answer to quick weight loss; the answer is to maximize their metabolism.

I’ve personally witnessed their disappointment with weight-loss schemes that promise so much but deliver so little. By the time they get to me, they’ve been scammed by everything and everyone.

  • They’ve tried the pills, the potions, the body wraps, and much more.
  • They’ve joined local chapters of the big, national weight-loss chains.
  • Maybe they’ve eaten those expensive, prepackaged meals.
  • They’ve listened to the tapes that offer subliminal suggestions on quick weight loss.
  • They’ve read dozens of glittering magazine articles.
  • And, of course, they’ve seen all the books in the bookstores.

All this, and they’re still looking for the answer on quick weight loss. Well, here it is!

The Missing Link To Quick Weight Loss

What overweight people need, of course, is not another new diet. What is needed—but has never before been available—is a comprehensive program. A program that shows you how to maximize your metabolism effectively for quick weight loss. That’s the ultimate key to dealing with the weight-loss struggle. The abracadabra of opening up a whole new, magical way of healthful living.

This is what Maximize Your Metabolism promises, and this is what the techniques described herein will deliver.

Before I get down to the exciting details of why these techniques work and what they can do for you, I’m going to ask you to rethink many of the things you’ve been told about how to lose weight and stay thin.

Forget About Losing Weight The Long, Slow, “Sensible” Way

It is my opinion that the long, slow approach to weight loss will never work for most overweight people. This business of bumping along, losing a pound this week and a half-pound the next through simple restriction in caloric intake, might work for a few iron-willed Victorians. But it will never work for the vast majority of people. That is simply because they just don’t have the willpower or the time!

Don’t get me wrong! I’m certainly not condoning or advocating rapid weight loss. On the contrary, the rate of weight reduction I’m recommending is not detrimental to good health. But it will show results faster than a pound a week, possibly far more.

It’s important to keep in mind that the intent of this website is to improve your overall health and metabolism. As well as your body’s efficiency in utilizing the food you give it. Do not look upon it as just another “diet website”. Because that’s neither what it is nor what it is meant to be.

  • This website was designed to give you a blueprint for attaining a higher metabolic rate in a healthful way.

This blueprint will enable your body to burn up all the food you eat and to assimilate that food properly. So that your body utilizes all the nutrients in each mouthful of food. And then excretes all the waste that’s produced in your day-to-day living.

The problem is that most overweight people have been on so many diets that they’ve made disturbing alterations to their metabolic systems.

As a result, many of them are discovering that losing weight the old-fashioned, “sensible” way with 1200-calorie-per-day, low-fat diets just doesn’t work anymore.

  • Their weight loss comes to a halt.
  • They get frustrated.
  • And then they revert to their former pattern of overeating.

Of course, the long, slow, sensible way does work for some overweight people. If it does, that’s terrific. But in case it doesn’t—and this is what happens more often than not—I’ll teach you how to take the bull by the metabolic horns. I’ll show you that losing weight a bit faster is not only the MOST sensible way to lose weight, but that for many overweight people it’s the ONLY way to do so.

Forget About Learning How To Eat In “Moderation”

Moderation is the straightest, surest road to mediocrity and weight-loss failure that has ever been invented. Now I know that most of the so-called weight-loss and behavior-modification experts preach the gospel of moderation. Nevertheless, I’ve learned through years of study that that doctrine is hopelessly inadequate. And it rarely produces the lasting change in behavior that you need.

To be sure, caloric restriction does have its merits, but not in maximizing your metabolic rate. And that’s the focus of this website: raising your metabolism, keeping it high, and reaping all the benefits associated with that process.

Just tell me, for example, where all your attempts at moderation have gotten you. Well, if you’re like most of the clients who come to my office, you’ve found that moderation was great for a short time; but then, with no prior notice, your results began to taper off dramatically, which is to say that your determination and effort were noticeably present but the fruits of your labor were not.

What’s wrong, of course, is that while moderation may be a worthy path, it is far too flimsy a strategy to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

In the case of long-term moderation, what occurs is a methodical slowing of your metabolism.

  • As you cut down on your intake of food, you also cut down on your body’s need to attain a high metabolic rate.
  • And so your metabolism slows down.

When you follow a moderation-type diet, you are in essence training your metabolism to work at a slower pace. Then, when you do eat or drink, that food or liquid can’t be fully and efficiently digested.

So it’s stored . . . as fat!

Thereby, hindering any chance of quick weight loss.

Forget About Denial

Just because you implement the strategies put forth in this website doesn’t mean that you have to turn yourself into the type of person who can never enjoy a chocolate brownie or a dish of ice cream for fear of losing control.

Successful metabolic control and quick weight loss doesn’t depend on long-term denial. And this powerful new program does not promote any such solution. Pumping up your metabolism is the name of the game. And it will turn you into a winner in no time at all.

Imagine the new freedom that comes with knowing that your revved-up metabolic system is always on duty, always ready, able, and eager to burn up those excess calories instead of turning them into fat as it once did. There’s no denial here, just good, healthful living, making you fit and ready for action.

Forget What You’ve Heard About Exercise

In the course of my life, I’ve operated a successful nutritional consulting business and several large, upscale health clubs. Believe me. I’ve seen more than my share of misstatements and out-and-out lies made by an industry that sometimes seems more eager to help your billfold—not your body—to lose weight.

Contrary to what you’ve been told on those TV infomercials, exercise cannot turn you into a muscle-bound man or woman in six weeks or less. Exercise cannot transform fat into muscle. Exercise cannot cause “spot” reduction anywhere on your body. Moderate exercise cannot cause dramatic, quick weight loss, no matter what they tell you.

Is exercise important to long-term weight control and quick weight loss?

You better believe it. But in this website, I’ll show you that exercise’s greatest contribution to weight control has less to do with the number of calories it induces your body to burn up than it does with the almost miraculous changes it makes in the way your metabolic system functions.

Here’s where the real payoffs come into play.

  • If more Americans knew the full story of how exercise alters metabolic rate, the thought of embarking on an exercise program wouldn’t be so scary.
  • And a lot more than (the actual) 15 percent of adults would be exercising regularly.

In reality, exercise does burn off the calories that you consume. And if it’s done properly it will also immediately burn off some of your stored fat.

  • However, your actual motivation for exercising should be the increase in metabolic rate that will accrue from engaging in exercise on a regular basis.
  • Even then, you won’t significantly increase your metabolism for quick weight loss unless you go about your exercise in the fashion that is explained in a later article on this website.
  • This method will enable you to burn calories and body fat virtually all the time, even when you’re not exercising—indeed, even when you’re sleeping!

A Promise To You . . .

Rebuilding your metabolic system and setting you up for lifelong health will take place in four orderly steps:

  1. Cleansing your system
  2. Reformulating your eating (times of meals, as well as quantity and quality of the food you consume)
  3. Introducing strength-building and cardiovascular exercises into your life, to both stabilize and increase your metabolic rate for the long term
  4. Training your mental core

Sound difficult? Believe me, it isn’t. We’ve got plenty of great tips and motivational help to enable you to succeed in making these miraculous, life-enhancing changes. And the best part is that you can make them in thirty days or less!

That’s right! In less than the time between the dates of receipt of successive bank statements, you will have turned your system into a virtual furnace of metabolic activity that will have you experiencing quick weight loss, regaining good health, and carving out a richer, fitter future and a fuller life.

The Techniques In Each Article

As mentioned earlier, these articles contain techniques that will help you increase your metabolism for quick weight loss, so you won’t have to wait until you’ve completely finished the entire series of articles before you begin to reap the rewards of the program.

The articles are laid out in such a way that you can read an article and then implement the strategy that’s outlined there before moving on to the next article. But, please, do yourself a favor and stick with it; keep at reading these articles until you’ve gotten all the way to the end.

As a matter of fact, I recommend that you do yourself one better: go back and read it again.

  • More than a decade ago, I read that each time you read a book, you pick up something new. It’s not because you missed it the first time through.
  • It’s because you’re not the same person you were when you read it the first time.
  • Each time you read these articles, you’ll pick up new pieces to help you in the pursuit of your health and fitness goals.
  • Each time you read all these articles—no, each time you reread an article (since you’ll be implementing the techniques in each article as you go along)—you’ll become a better, healthier person.

And There’s More . . .

Once you bring your metabolic rate under control, you will not, you simply cannot, believe the enormous difference it will make in bringing your weight under control.

For many of my clients, the unwanted weight seemed to automatically disappear when their metabolic system took command of their dietary fat intake and used that fuel for power rather than for building up stores of fat.

Believe me, you will experience quick weight loss and a sense of power! For the first time in your life, you’ll be the one calling the shots.

How Does Weight Loss Change Your Life?

In addition to improving your overall health, you gain a greater energy level, high self-image, more positive reactions from other people and comfort in your body’s ability to burn fat quickly.

Plus you’ll get two additional benefits that are extremely worthwhile.

First, you’ll be able to enjoy your food life better.

When you crank up your metabolic rate, you won’t have to worry about those myriad do-I-or-don’t-I eating situations that can turn an ordinary diet into disaster.

With this program, not only will your high-speed metabolic rate iron out the bumps and lumps in your road to a thinner you, but you’ll also gain the upper hand in how you eat, what you eat, even when you eat. You’ll have the power to “take it or leave it”. If you want to enjoy an occasional sugary dessert, have a periodic nighttime snack, or even indulge in a rare caloric binge, you can do so, and yet your increased metabolic rate will save you from the weight volatility you’ve become so accustomed to.

Second—and this is perhaps the more important of the two benefits. This program launches you into a whole new orbit of better eating and better living, the physically fit way.

That’s right! You may have missed out on huge parts of the good life because of your sluggish metabolism and sedentary ways. No more!

I want to give you the ability to be content with your every decision as to how, what, and when you eat. I want you to feel good about those decisions because they are the decisions that you truly wanted to make. In other words, you won’t feel guilty or ashamed every time you take a bite of food.

Eating is such a natural activity that you should feel great when you engage in it (before, during, and after). You simply must learn to eat the correct foods and to eat at the proper times.

I believe that one of the greatest downfalls of all of the poorly designed dieting programs that are out there is that they make people feel bad about eating! After all, what’s bad about eating? Eating is what enables us to survive and to thrive. You should keep in mind that it’s only the act of making poor choices about what we eat that cuts down on how long we survive and whether we thrive.

I promise that by the time you’ve finished this four-course menu for self-change and empowerment, you’ll be able to do both (survive and thrive). Finally, you’ll start behaving around food in ways that so-called normal people do. You’ll enjoy life as you’ve never enjoyed it before, without craving the junk food that may have been your downfall in the past!

The Golden Road Ahead

The bottom line is this: the principles in this website will work. And they will work regardless of . . .

  • how long you’ve been overweight,
  • how much weight you may need or want to lose,
  • or how many times you’ve failed.

Since this program is based on science, it can work for you. Just apply the easy techniques put forth in these articles. You’ll develop unshakable self-control and stop your overeating behavior dead in its tracks.

We’ll go over things like . . .

Fast Metabolism Diet.

After experimenting for months with my clients, I found that we could further manipulate their metabolism. We introduced certain foods at specific times of the day. Yes, you may have heard of this before. Things like eating your carbohydrates mostly in the morning and, as the day goes on, slowly increasing your intake of clean (low-fat) protein and decreasing your intake of carbohydrates. However, there’s more to this part of the equation. We can combine certain foods at a single meal to help your body with the digestive process. We’ll go over all that in the Fast Metabolism Diet program.

Weight Loss Exercise.

Different forms of exercise help us in different ways.

Aerobic (cardiovascular type) exercise. It strengthens our heart muscle and increases the amount of oxygen in our bloodstream. Oxygen helps us burn fat and build strong muscles. Now strong muscles are not necessarily large muscles. So if you’re like some of my clients who desperately want to avoid building muscles, don’t worry! We’re not here to build muscle size. But we do want to build muscle density, which makes us stronger and healthier. And also builds both our immune system and our metabolism.

The other form of exercise we’ll be doing is anaerobic. For purposes of these articles, we’ll use that term to describe weight-bearing exercises or strength training exercises.

While aerobic exercise will allow us to burn body fat as we exercise and maybe even for a few hours afterwards, anaerobic (strength-training) exercise makes it possible for us to burn body fat at all times (even when we’re sitting down or sleeping). Now what I just said is quite well known. And we’ll go into more detail on it in a later article on exercise.

But we’re going to take this a step further. In an article dedicated to the all-so-important topic of anaerobic exercise, I’ll show you a weight lifting program that will tremendously increase your metabolism.

Mental Training.

Creating and holding an image of yourself as someone who has already achieved your goals is mandatory for fast and lasting success. I cannot be more convinced of this fact, especially if you want quick weight loss and better health. Training the mind is at least as important in our process to rapidly reach our goals as exercise and dieting combined. A person can never outperform their own self-image, so implanting the right image in your mind from the start is vital—and it may take some time, since you’ve probably been walking around all these years with a poor image of yourself when it comes to your body.

I heard a story that vividly illustrates this point. A study was carried out to measure the correlation between the incidence of breast cancer in women in America and women’s feelings toward their breasts. It’s no wonder that this nation has both the highest breast-augmentation (enlargement) rate and the highest breast-cancer rate. If you hate a part of your body so much that you’re willing to have surgery to alter it, that hate (whether it be conscious or subconscious) will cause problems for you internally.

When you get to the article on mental training (the one titled “Visualization Techniques”) we’ll go over how to develop a positive self-image. And get a sense of passion about how great you’ll feel once you’ve achieved your fitness goals.

Your mind is always the key to achieving your goals.

Keeping your mind in a positive state as you progress through this program is paramount in achieving your physical goals.

In the article on visualization, you’ll learn a technique for developing your inner image, which will guide your outer results. In that article we’ll discuss how to focus for thirty minutes each day on the person that you will become. You’ll learn how to visualize in detail and how to concentrate on every aspect of your life that will improve:

  • how other people will react to you, your new body, and your new energy level;
  • what type of clothing you’ll be wearing;
  • what changes you’ll be making in your hairstyle; etc.

In addition to diet, exercise and visualization, we’ll go over more ways to speed up your metabolism and weight loss! And eventually, we’ll combine it all together into a comprehensive weight loss plan in a 7 day format!

One Final Note Before We Begin

I had to dig into both old and new scientific research to filter out science from science fiction for you, using a skeptical eye. This website provides you with a serious method of stepping up your metabolism for quick weight loss. I realize the information that is contained herein is not for everyone. Some people will skim an article on this website and then never return back after they exit off or bookmark this website along all the other health, fitness, or dieting websites they’ve bookmarked before. That’s fine for them, but not for you.

You’ve taken the first step by reading all the way to the end. You’ve proved that you want to learn and master your metabolism for quick weight loss.

I hope you’ll put this information to good use. It’s taken me years to gather and condense this material into a workable system. A system of simple steps that will yield the results you seek, steps which have helped numerous personal clients of mine to achieve the goals they had set for themselves over the years.

Good luck, and enjoy the process. >> Next Page – Body Cleanse


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